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A busy few weeks (OR to NYC to OR to SD and back)

It’s been a bit crazy lately. A week in New York with a group of 50 or so of the best and brightest from the UofO School of Journalism. Ad agency visits, sight seeing, portfolio stuff, great food(kimchi and blue cheese pocket from Momofuku Milk Bar? Amazing!), and lots of absorbing Manhattan.

Back to Eugene for two days of work, then a trip down to San Diego for a week. Busy, but just enough time to relax a bit and process the week in NYC.

La Jolla on flickr

So insights gleaned? I love visiting NYC, but I’d have to have a really compelling reason to end up there permanently. The advertising industry is shifting quickly in terms of channels and media possibilities, but there’s still a metric crapton of garbage being pushed through those channels. Don’t get me wrong – I think advertising today is brilliant and there are some pieces and people doing incredible work – but those pieces and people are few and far between in a sea of monotonous garbage. Times are changing, but many of the archaic problems still exist. ¬†Which just continues to make me want to help those people who can actually perpetuate positive change in the industry. And maybe that’s my biggest takeaway from the last few weeks – there’s tremendous opportunity to fix the problems of the world. The advertising world and the greater world as a whole.

Civilization is going downhill fast

Stumbled across this a while back, and kept forgetting to post it up. Pretty much speaks for itself.


Gulf Coast Relief Tee: Threadless “PeliCAN”

So it’s been a while since my last post. much longer than it should have been… life has been crazy (which I’m sure I can explain sometime…) but not just for me. In case you haven’t heard, it’s been a bit crazy in the Gulf of Mexico lately too. To lend a helping hand, t-shirt site has reached out to artist members Frederik Wepener and Ross Zietmaz to create this pretty impressive shirt, with 100% proceeds going to the fifteen-year-old Gulf Restoration Network. It’s intended to give a glimmer of hope to the situation in the Gulf, no matter how bleak it may seem. It’s a true collaboration concept to help the Gulf. The printing (water-based inks, of course) of the tee was donated by Threadless’ local friends Sharprint, and both designers have donated their standard designer payment to the cause as well. Pretty cool.

peliCAN - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Click on the image above (or Click here) to check it out over at Threadless.

And for more Gulf Restoration Network stuff, check out

Trash the beach party?

hmm. I get it. but I don’t get it. Over the top? Effective conveyance of the message? I really don’t know… all I know is somethin’ about it is just a bit unsettling. Maybe that’s the point?

Done for the Keep California Beautiful capaign by BBDO West. Great info on the campaign over at Osocio.

The Changing Face of Everyday Design


I just stumbled across this piece from The Guardian showing what they call “The Changing Face of Everyday Design.” Pretty simple, but pretty effective and interesting. If you click through, you can view all of the images at a larger scale. Somewhat ironically, they printed a few corrections noting that several of the police cars pictured were from the incorrect era. It shouldn’t be that difficult… and The Guardian is usually on top of stuff. I guess it just goes to show that some design is ahead (or behind, as the case may be) of its time.

Visual Information Overload: GOOD Magazine on Flickr


It looks like this has been around for a while, but somehow I’ve missed it until now. GOOD magazine has uploaded all of their Transparencies into a set on Flickr… pretty impressive collection of mind-blowing info-graphics. Kind of a shame they restrict the flickr images to small size, forcing you to click through to the GOOD website. But I’ve seen worse. Plus, their infographics are so amazing, I’ll let it slide.

Maybe green really is the new black?

I’m apprehensively fascinated by the recent increase in quality creative for green topics; whether Greenpeace, the EPA, the NRDC, or a clothing company, the quality of creative and the directness of the “green” messages is impressive. I stumbled across this spot via Osocio today.

While it’s not completely polished, the ideas and the execution are both there to tackle an issue that was once relegated to public service announcements. And while a quick visit to the BlueAvacado website reveals it’s a fairly simple marketing message to increase sales of their reusable shopping bags, I’m okay with it because the messages of social change are being presented in a more apparent and more creative fahion. And they’re actually doing some pretty positive public work as well. Interesting to watch the evolution.

Earth Justice, soot, and stellar animation for a cause

I’m usually not a fan of the way most pro-earth and environmental PSAs come across. They’re usually heavy handed, overbearing, and dip into the realm of scare tactics. This spot, on the otherhand, is refreshingly inoffensive and simply enjoyable.

The animation style is beautiful and captivating, courtesy of Laundry! (who most recently did animation for the new wrigley’s/juicy fruit/big red campaign). The agency behind it is non-profit creative Underground Ads. And to make it even better, the voiceover is absolutely perfect.

I think the blurb about the clip from Laundry!s website hits the nail on the head:

We recently completed a PSA for the global campaign against those nasty little Soot particles. We love mother earth and were totally stoked to chip in and do our part. So watch this shit, get inspired to make some change, and go to to sign up and tell Obama that you’re pissed.

this whole bit actually makes me tempted to pass this one along – which is a rare occurence for me, especially with non-profit PSA-ish stuff. I’m all for it, but rarely do I fall in love with it.

Happy Earth Day! The Bay vs. The Bag

Sorry for such a late Earth Day post… I’ve been fairly busy lately getting ready to move out of state (and I apologize if I haven’t gotten back to people on things… I’m workin on it). Anyway… as anybody who knows me (or reads this blog regularly) knows, I’m a sucker for stop motion. And what better on Earth Day than a bit of stop motion? okay… I’m not really sure what the connection is there either… but it works in my mind, and makes me smile:

From Free Range Studios for Save The Bay. The Save The Bay organization is fairly self-explantory. in honor of Earth Day, check out what they’re up to. Local grassroots movements that turn into organizations drawing national attention is what Earth Day is all about.

This is Reality: Clean Coal Air Freshner

In case the action of this posting isn’t enough evidence, I have returned from my short vacation and am back in the real world, however real it may be. anyway, I’m sure I will have a good photo or two, and maybe even a bit of ad commentary on the ad microcosm that is Vegas at some point, but until then, I give you this.

I wasn’t sold on this campaign previously. but I think this spot is the turning point. Directed by the Acadamy Award-winning Cohen Brothers, this spot for the Reality Coalition is a bit more direct in it’s blatant criticism of the coal industry. which makes it more potent. and in case you’re wondering, The Reality Coalition is a joint project between the Alliance for Climate Protection, the Sierra Club, the National Wildlife Federation, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the League of Conservation Voters. That’s a big list of orgs. to band together. And the Reality Coalition website, This is Reality, continues to improve (with an awesome splash page) and their new blog is equally impressive. Socially responsible advertising at it’s best.