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OK Go does it again… or… record labels, embeddability, cool videos, and a bit of life in this blog

So I have access to the tubes of the internet again. which means this blog may still have a bit of life left in it… for anybody still reading out there. no guarantees though… working in retail continues to kick my ass. Anyway, as you may know, I’m a pretty big fan of OK Go… and I’m not going to lie – what first sold me was the vector image of an early-model Volvo 240 on the cover of their album (conveniently titled OK Go). I quickly fell in love with “Get over it” which remains one of my favorite songs to this day. So I’m always intrigued when they come out with new stuff. And they’ve recently been blowing up in popularity with their quirky and fun videos… their newest single, This Too Shall Pass, already has well over 6 million views since its upload a week ago. Cool.

Whats not so cool is some of the hubbub surrounding record label rights, embeddability (is that a word yet?), and the way creativity is being handled. Check out more at Gizmodo, who have reprinted lead singer Damian Kulash’s open letter to fans regarding the issues. Interesting.

And for more interesting reading, Gizmodo has an awesome interview with Kulash here.

42Below’s Onedreamrush: 42×42 – Vodka with some interesting film twists

It must be fate. Not that long after recieving a small bottle of 42Below vodka from a friend (which is beautifully designed in it’s own right), I stumble across a few videos comissioned by the New Zealand based vodka company (who has their own fairly interesting and bizarre website worth checking out).

The project, Onedreamrush, sponsored by 42Below, has a tagline of “42 Directors – 42 Seconds – 42 Dreams” and is is pretty much just that – directors getting 42 seconds to translate their dreams and visions into a short film. The website for the project is pretty impressive in it’s own right, but even more impressive are some of the films.

One that definitely captivated me is from Universal Everything, who does some stuff I just flat out love, from tons of work for MTV to the Audi viral spot I mentioned a while back.

The Social Media Venn Diagram analyzes your social habits

I’ve been meaning to post this up for a while now… I keep looking at and keep laughing, but somehow forget to post it. I myself am on the fence with most social media outlets (as most who try to keep in touch with me probably know). I understand them, but at the same time, I don’t. They make sense, and the advertising/social networking possibilities are huge. But this beautiful diagram kind of sums up the other side of my feelings.


Available as a t-shirt from Despair.¬† And I have to say, there’s some beautiful irony in a social networking diagram on a t-shirt.

HP printers + stop motion = an incredible spot

Pretty amazing. and speaks volumes to the power of HP printers… much more than the average printer spot:

I’m diggin’ it. More info at the D&AD student award page.

Synesthesia: Neurological phenomena visualized

Every now and again, a video blows my mind. This short film does just that, on many levels. As some of you may know, I’ve always been perssonally fascinated with Synesthesia: a neurological-based phenomenon that is essentially the blending of sensory experiences (i.e. hearing green or tasting a drum beat). The spectrum synesthesia is vast, yet somehow this video by acclaimed music video directors Terri Timely manages to encapsulate a neurological experience into a tangible and beautifully filmed short.

To see the video in higher resolution, go to the short film’s homepage, and for a bit more info on Directing duo Terri Timely, check out this Q & A at Director File. For a bit more on Synesthesia, check out Mixed Signals.

Nike Sportswear Stories: Stop-motion meets clothing catalog


Nike Sportswear Stories showcases Nikesportswear (NSW) Italy’s new line-up an in incredibly complex and equally creative fashion. Clothing lookbooks have gotten more and more complex, often at the expenese of actually highlighting the clothes. These stop-motion exposees tell stories while still showcasing the clothes themselves. Impressive and definitely worth a look.

Visual Information Overload: GOOD Magazine on Flickr


It looks like this has been around for a while, but somehow I’ve missed it until now. GOOD magazine has uploaded all of their Transparencies into a set on Flickr… pretty impressive collection of mind-blowing info-graphics. Kind of a shame they restrict the flickr images to small size, forcing you to click through to the GOOD website. But I’ve seen worse. Plus, their infographics are so amazing, I’ll let it slide.

Mcdonalds gets creative and captivates the tourist mind.

There are so many ad campaigns that try to do nifty/kitchy/etc./etc. kinds of executions that usually seem to fall a bit short. This McDonalds’s billboard at London’s Picadilly Citcus acually pulls of a bunch of interactive advertising stuff pretty well. And there’s actual proof… not just hypothetical connections and interactions.

Done by Shiny Red, it proves that every now and then McDonalds can still do some cool stuff. Definitely an interesting use of Flickr. Sure, some of the connections don’t really make much sense, and the YouTube page isn’t quite hitting on all cylinders, but all in all, it’s pretty cool.

Retelling the classics: Red Ridinghood exploded with techno

Sometimes, there’s a video/clip/animation that just blows me away. This is one of those times.

I’m a sucker for animation, diagrams, graphs, charts, etc. so this one already starts good. Through in the european techno and the retelling of one of the more bizarre and morbid fairy tales, and you’ve got a winner. Done by Tomas Nilsson, for a “School assignment to reinterpret the fairytale Little red riding hood.” The track is “Sponsored by Destiny” by Swedish electro-pop group Slagsm√•lsklubben(wiki here). Pretty amazing… And you should take the time to click through to either the vimeo page or the youtube page so you can watch it in HD – significantly more impressive.

The Wild Things Are Back!


somehow I missed the news that Spike Jonze‘s Where the Wild Things Are will be releasing this Fall… October 16, 2009, to be exact. Featuring the voice talents of Forest Whitaker and James Gandolfini, to name a few. A while back, there were rumors that the entire project was being scrapped and had to be re-shot because of the darkness of it all… so needless to say, I’m stoked to find out that’s not the case. And for some reason, a few different blogs today all decided to post up reminders for me, so I’m echoing the trend. The image above up top is courtesy of the always interesting Black Bunneh Sees.

and the official movie poster: