the beginning of the end?

so this is the beginning of this. this being a renewed attempt at what i painfully must admit is essentially “blogging.”  what “this” is, i’m not sure. but everyone around me at the university of oregon seems to be caught up in the whole “blogging scene.”  why? i’m not exactly sure. various people have been coming up to me lately and inquiring as to why i don’t have a blog, as if it’s some status symbol or some stamp of creativity. which i may make and sell at some point. (a stamp of creativity, that is)

so this is it. some may say it’s selling out or i’m just doing it because it’s what everyone else is doing. when i mentioned my intentions to begin some form of blog or anti-blog to a friend, she told me i was just jumping on the bandwagon. maybe. but only so i can throw everyone else off said bandwagon and steer our oxen in the right direction before we all die of dysentery.

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