exposure to everything but advertising

In these past few weeks, I’ve been thiking advertising, but attempting to find and expose myself to just about everything that isn’t advertising. There’s a time and a place for it, but the benefits of a “liberal arts” view often goes overlooked in soceity, particuarly in academia. So do something else for a change.

Last night, several groups at the University of Oregon hosted Nigerian activist Omoyele Sowore, who has been imprisoned eight times and tortured for promoting democracy in his home country. While oil fields and global politics aren’t exactly in the center of my radar, it was both thought provoking and inspiring – not necessarily to become an activist kill my TV, and despise American Media, but to continue thinking outside the box. not the advertising box, but the box that has become our relatively enclosed world.

Someone asked Sowore what people would do in fifteen to twenty years when oil supplies were exhausted… if people would defend their territory, and in what ways. The idea of armed guerilla conflict was brought up, to which he simply responded, “who is to say in fifteen years wars will be fought with arms?” Makes you wonder what fifteen years will be like.

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