go watch Art 21

so one more day of thinking about things other than advertising. theoretically. This one was slightly less my doing, as I was forced to watch several episodes of Art 21, one of the best art documentary series produced by PBS(incidentally, it’s one which art faculty at the University of Oregon really like to put on when they don’t feel like teaching). I’ve seen most of them at least once, but there’s something unbelievably interesting about turning a toxic waste site into a productive garden in the name of art or drawing on/tagging trains in the name of art.

Okay. So I lied. this does tie in to advertising a bit. But just a bit. and it’s a connection you have to make yourself. The art community certainly isn’t about to go make the connection between their world and advertising on their own. In fact, they’re fairly adamant about the differences. I’m not so sure. but I’ll elaborate on that at a later time… or maybe multiple times. Only time will tell.

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