what do people pay attention to?

I was sitting in Lawrence Hall, working on my final project for a drawing class.  I was miding my own business, huddling over my drawing at a 70’s style octagonal table, but couldn’t help to notice that nearly every person who walked by turned and looked at what I was doing.  Some slowed down to look, some even stopped and just watched me.  I certainly wasn’t iliciting any sort of response from people – infact, I had my drawing turned completely upside-down from the view of anybody walking by.

So the big question: what makes people stop?  Advertising always seems to be “how can I make a great billboard” or “what would make a funny bus shelter?” I’m wondering more if the first question should be “what makes people pay attention.”  Obviously by sitting and drawing at a table, people’s interest was piqued.  They looked… and payed attention. They got my message, even thought I wasn’t sending it.  So instead of figuring out how to make a outdoor board that people will pay attention to, why not try to do something people will pay attention to, and then bury a message in it somewhere?  Just a thought.  and maybe then they’ll have somethin’ else to look at and stop staring at me working on my drawing final in the hallway.

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