placement of cool stuff

People make such a big deal about ad placement, billboard placement, how many people between the ages of 22.5 and 24.75 walk past a board between the hours of 9:00 and 12:00 per weekday (excluding thursdays), etc. I get tired of hearing and reading about it. Maybe it’s not that complex. Maybe it’s not complex at all.

“design lab” Orange 22 makes some interesting art/furniture/designs. Even more interesting are the photos they take of their products (as pictured above). I know nothing about the company, but I do know that there are some brilliant photos on their pages. It’s not their product in a chic white-on-white leather-on-white room. They’ve got the right idea. now it just needs to make the jump in the direction of billboards – or not billboards, as the case may be.

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