Advertising and Pandora

I’ve been following Pandora closely since I first discovered it early last summer, while I was interning at MomentumWW in St. Louis. I discovered very quickly that Washington University (where I lodged – a great place, by the way) is very strict and particular on all types of P2P apps, making music exploration very difficult. Anyway, I fell in love with Pandora, and have been watching, using, and enjoying the experience since then.

Lately, I’ve found the trend in their advertising fairly interesting. Programmer/blogger Majordojo has some interesting things to say about the marketing/programming side of things. It seems to have become the new “thing” to include predefined Pandora Stations associated with your product, whether it’s a moto-x video game or Nike+ (if you don’t understand Pandora Stations, you really need to join and explore).


Anyway, I like the idea of providing pre-defined stations, but I want them to be better. I want a better reason to be given a station that simply that I’m already listening to Pandora. If the stations were provided by an athlete or an artist or something along those lines, it might be interesting. But right now, there’s still a disconect. The Nike+ is a great idea. But why are they giving me Pandora stations? It goes against what Nike+ is about. You can’t take Pandora music with you on your run, nor can you download the music (easily, at least). I understand that it’s possible to find the links on pandora to purchase the tracks you’re listening to through itunes, etc, but it just seems like a stretch to me. More work than it’s really worth. I want the benefit of a Nike+ to be more direct, more apparent, and more up-front. It can be. and it should be. That would be incredible.

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