How not to use YouTube.


So Verizon, who will begin offering YouTube service on their phones, so to announce the new service, Verizon did what most other large corporations are doing these days: they tried to make a YouTube video, one which they seem to hope will attract the attention of the YouTube generation.  All the worst web 2.0 video trends with which I can live without have been cramed together in one longer-than-necessary video.  To top it off, it’s got painfully repetitive “music “which, after about ten seconds, makes me want to stuff those Verizon cellphones in my ear holes.

Last I checked, it had a rating of 1 1/2 stars and about 300,000 views due almost entirely to the fact that the video often appears on the YouTube homepage.  This seems like a fairly good example of the way in which YouTube shouldn’t be used. Who cares if they’ve got a cool/gimmicky technique? It’s kind of like when my grandpa showed up in a giant hoodie and timberlands hoping to beatbox. It just doesn’t work.

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