But that looks like a cookbook…?


Read this book. “But that looks like a cookbook!” most exclaim after googling it (nobody really needs links anymore… google takes care of it… but I gave it to you anyway). In my brain’s best Nick Frost a la Shaun of the Dead impression, it replies, “F^çK Yeah it’s a cookbook!” while my mouth replies, “yeah. it looks like a cookbook. trust me. read it.”

Seriously. A while back, I wrote about exposing myself to stuff that wasn’t really advertising. or anything like advertising really. Nigel Slater’s Apetite is just that. It makes you think. It makes your mind strong. There are tons of lists of “creative” or “inspirational” books out there – incredible books by the likes of Gladwell, Sullivan, Aitchison, etc. Those lists are pretty easy to find. It’s the other stuff that isn’t. Read this. It’s worth it. And it’s the one cookbook everybody should have – even people who don’t ever plan on cooking for themselves.

One response to “But that looks like a cookbook…?

  1. I stopped reading this vulgar excuse for a post right after you mentioned you’re (I can’t even re-type the filthy sentence so I’m just going to cut and paste) “exposing [yourself] to stuff that wasn’t really advertising.” Why you find it necessary to expose yourself to anything, let alone things that aren’t advertising, is beyond my good taste to even consider. I just hope, for the sake of public decency, that you don’t start exposing yourself to your fellow class mates. Keep your pants on, sicko!

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