Creative insights from 1830s geology

lyell.jpgIn my regular deviations from the seemingly pre-determined path of an advertising major, I decided to enroll in a course entitled Re-vision of the Earth (or Earth 2.0, as some have taken to calling it). To kick it off, we’re reading Charles Lyell‘s Principles of Geology, a revolutionary geology text from 1830. While much of the text isn’t what I’d choose to read on a Sunday afternoon, there are some incredibly interesting passages which seem to apply to things outside of the science of geology, like – dare I say it? – advertising. Contemplate the following passage, excerpted from Chapter 5, Vol. 1:

“It is only by becoming sensible of our natural disadvantages that we shall be roused to exertion, and prompted to seek out opportunities of discovering the operations now in progress, such as do not present themselves readily to view.”

I wish I could say stuff that sounded that good. And meant that much.

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