Cisco and The Human Network

I’m really impressed with what Cisco has been doing over the past few months, and the new :30 spot (above) is fitting perfectly in line with the campaign. With nearly every advertiser, company, and person who comes remotely close to the internet being drawn into the series of tubes, there’s a lot of random crap floating around out there (not excluding this site). Many companies are just throwing crap out onto the web, or web-enabled phones, or whatever else they can get their content out to.

Cisco pretty much nailed it, as far as I’m concerned, with their portrayal of the benefits and highlights – those warm, happy moments – that this new “interactive, web 2.0 culture” can bring about. It’s not dramatic or monumental, but it’s the good stuff that can come with the new technology. I must say, however, that despite that fact that the “welcome to the human network” idea came out last year, it’s hard to dissociate it from all the Zune Social stuff.

and one more Cisco ad just for kicks.

3 responses to “Cisco and The Human Network

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