Boston, underground marketing, and the bomb squad.

Just yesterday (I think – or maybe last week) we were discussing co-opting alternative, underground art styles and methods, much in the style of Graffiti Research Lab. Well, Turner (or Cartoon Network, specifically) decided to go ahead and do some “edgy” advertising for Aqua Teen Hunger Force. in a partnership with Interference Inc (who has pulled their website today).  Here’s what they did:

and incase you haven’t been following the news today, some people in Boston saw these things and it escalated from there, all the way to shutting down bus lines and actually “detonating” these devices.


Setting aside criticism that this cool idea and method are lacking slightly in the creative concept, the big question arises: what does this mean for advertising? especially the underground advertising that used to be known as “guerilla”? News articles are indicating that just a few hours ago, a “suspect” was arrested for this crime. What will happen next? I’m certainly not sure how the Boston situation will play out, and I’m definitely not sure what this means for alternative marketing techniques.

I do know, however, that traffic to Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s website has spiked. Maybe this is better advertising than they could have expected.

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