On the fly creativity: Unofficial Wii Commercial

So some of the guys at Super 78 had a bit of “down time” and decided to concept out and produce their own spot for the Nintendo Wii.  Creativity and following the media closely, along with the ability to get something done quickly, cleany, and brilliantly, can be pretty powerful. I’d say this may almost be more effective then the current string (get it?) of slightly bizarre Wii commercials airing right now.  An interesting way to handle a very serious problem.

While a cute spot with some great cgi, I think one of the coolest things to take away is that it was done quickly, capitalizing on a quick but clever concept and just going for it.  I’m impressed – and inspired.

Wii: Hold on Tight, Best Non-Superbowl Commercial[gizmodo]

3 responses to “On the fly creativity: Unofficial Wii Commercial

  1. I agree. also nice to have the CG capability to roll that out quickly. Do you think it would have worked if it had been a pen and ink or other ‘low-tech’ medium?

  2. LOL, that’s a cool video, I have seen a lot of pictures with people breaking their TV or furniture with wii remote. It can definitely happen

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