The Super Bowl, Deutch, Reality, and Ecomagination

So as I was cramming breakfast down my throat and guzzling my coffee this morning, I flipped on the Today Show and caught their “overview” of the Super Bowl commercials.  As important as it is for me to find out which commercial was Al Roker’s favorite, it was almost depressing watching the review of a comparatively lacklustre Super Bowl ad showing.  To make it even better, I got to watch Donny Deutsch be typically Deutschy, making jokes about Lauer and Donny getting excited by the Snickers spot.  Honestly… watching that was almost more depressing than watching commercials with weak gorillas and mediocre effects.

The brightest part of my morning was probably when a GE spot aired not long after Deutch and co. decided they’d had enough fun. The spot:

I know i’ve mentioned it before, but I’m really impressed with what BBDO & GE are doing with their “ecomagination campaign.” As far as rebranding goes, it’s stellar, not only making promises but, at least to some extent, fulfilling them.  They have an impressive website with stellar design, combined with exceptional advertising that makes truly makes this a “campaign,” not just a bunch of ads. GE is working with Syrup to make a series of films, narrated by Kevin Kline. Cool stuff. Maybe there’s still hope somewhere.

2 responses to “The Super Bowl, Deutch, Reality, and Ecomagination

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