Why I love Oregon. (or: Snorkelers, Shotguns, and Nutria)


Saw this on the local news the other night, and it really hit home. The headline reads: Reedsport man accused of shooting snorkeling man. It really doesn’t get much better than that – nor does it get more Oregon than that. Except for the fact that the shooter was later arrested on various charges, including unlawful posession of meth and unlawful posession of marijuana. That’s about as Oregon as it can get. That, and the shooter thought he was shooting a nutria. with a shotgun. from the balcony of a house he was house-sitting.

Nobody has said if the shooter was on anything, and nobody has said what the victim was doing snorkeling in a frigid river. Update: I was reading more stories on this today, and found this article which gives more details, including stating that the snorkeler (who is an avid free diver) was indeed observing wildlife, and got shot in the side of the head. He’s in good condition now, thankfully, so it’s not all bad. and yes, this does paint Oregon in an incredible light… people getting lost in the wilderness, trapped on Mt. Hood, and now shot while snorkeling.

The AP picked this up so it’s all over the web now. How perfect. Let me just say, I love Oregon.

2 responses to “Why I love Oregon. (or: Snorkelers, Shotguns, and Nutria)

  1. This just fuels the popular belief that Oregonians are stupid, lazy, druggies, or jsut plain ole white trash. Gads, we can’t win, can we? By the way, you can snorkel in frigid water with a wetsuit. And, one story did say he was looking at fish and wildlife.

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