Absolut Temptation: Blow stuff up.


I’m not sure how to take this one. I clicked to the new Absolute Pears website through Pandora, where they were advertising & providing some decent stations. Anyway, I was lookin through the website, which is very nicely done, but found myself slightly confused. The music and visuals combined to create a bizarre atmosphere – seemingly shic and luxurious, but for some reason, it seemed slightly off-base – almost too serious, in a lightly funny or mocking sort of way. Maybe it’s the voice at the beginning talking about temptation. I wanted something to happen along the lines of Tony Sinclair of the Tanquary Rangpur launch/website.


To confuse even more, the entire premise of the site involves blowing up your temptations, from dohnuts to flowers. I’m not sure the ideas of flavored vodka and blowing crap up are really jiving, unless there’s something I’m missing. It was all just a bit confusing all around. But hey – at least you get to watch stuff blow up, all pretty like.

Additional info: here’s a recent interesting article from adweek discussing OMD’s execution of the digital campaign – and interesting read, yet I’m still confused a bit on the whole. I just don’t see it all coming together.

2 responses to “Absolut Temptation: Blow stuff up.

  1. Cool site keep it up!


  2. Yeah, generally vodka and explosives are not ideal companions.

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