Robots, Skateboards & Cars: the new trend?

After watching and thinking about the ad I put up earlier, I realized that skateboarding in commercials for products other than the typical skater paraphernalia is proliferating at an interesting rate. The more I thought about it, I realized that the generation that actually grew up with skateboarding fully present in popular culture is not at the point of purchasing big-ticket items, like automobiles.  I’ve seen several tv commercials in the past few weeks combining cars and skating.

It reminds me of an Audi TT spot from Germany directed by Mathieu Wothké I saw last year:

The skateboarding idea was given physical skater in the Nissan Qashqai spot from TBWA/Paris:

Which seems a fair bit like the Jeep “Urban Playground” spot from BBDO/Detroit:

And the Jeep ad reminds me a great deal of some of the Citroen C4 spots from EuroRSCG:

What am I trying to say here? Just that I find it interesting that various agencies from various countries all seem to come together with skateboards, cars, and robots. Maybe it’s just random, or maybe it’s a bit of the future. People are recognizing that skateboarding is the kind of thing that sticks with people, and will always mean something to the generation who was exposed to it. It’s interesting, and it even yields a few interesting spots here or there.  Do you know of any other car/skate/robot spots out there? let me know.

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