When less really can be more.


I saw this Audi Quattro outdoor poster from Grey/Dubai and while it’s not really a new concept or an entirely new execution, I feel like it works beautifully. It’s similar to the “missing link” poster that I mentioned a week or so ago, but with a bit of branding. Sure it’s simple. Maybe it’s not genious creativity. But it works. Proof that less is often more, and simple is often more complex.

[via twenty-four]

One response to “When less really can be more.

  1. There is no question that less is more. But things get ‘board roomed’. It takes courage to to leave some of the offer up the the imagination of the consumer. Courage is something most organisations have little of. Most executives get into decision making positions by being safe, not risky. Look at the best launches, brands recently and they tend to focus on Single mindedness not selling mutliple features. Ipod, Youtube, Redbull et al.

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