Would Optimus Prime wear Nike?


I’m not sure if Optimus would wear these or not, but I don’t really care. These prototypes are cool. Branding of shoes is becoming more prominent as the sneaker culture continues to grow. If you haven’t seen the Dan the Automator Adidas, or the Cap & Pep Lacostes, check them out. These are a step cooler than both in my book. Air Trainer IIIs with the original Optimus Prime color scheme is cool – the fact that Nike’s making a prototype to coincide with the upcoming Transformers Movie is even cooler. Promotion at it’s best. I’ve been having second thoughts about the movie the more I see the trailers, but promos like this counteract. I’m sure these will sell like hotcakes when they launch. I know I’ll consider picking up a pair.

Check out Footurama for more info and pics.

One response to “Would Optimus Prime wear Nike?

  1. Great blog I have some one in mind that would be interested. Thank you.

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