The power of simple words & simple design: Guardian ads from W+K London

I’ve been flipping through Ellen Lupton’s Thinking with Type this week and looking at simple type and it’s power. The trend to overload a page with several loud fonts is starting to get to me, so I wanted to get back to the basics of type design in my own work. Then I came upon this set of ads for The Guardian, done by Wieden & Kennedy, London. It pretty much speaks directly to what I’m sick of. Check out the other two ads at The AdBlog.



6 responses to “The power of simple words & simple design: Guardian ads from W+K London

  1. What exactly are you sick of? These ads are intelligent, refreshing and appeal directly the target audience and potential readers. They will identify with the tone of voice and clean styling of the ads. Are you sick of this ‘TYPE’ of thing aesthetically or the conceptually? The ads are an inspiration to me as a creative when coming up with headlines and concepts.

    Cheers. hope this was a valid 1st comment.

    Mark, Art Director, Manchester

  2. Mark –

    Definitely a valid first comment, and I agree wholeheartedly. I believe I was unclear in what I meant. I see this ads as an answer to what I am sick of. when I said “speaks directly to” I meant provides an answer.

    I definitely am not sick of the above ads! I love this ads, and these particular ones serve as a guiding light for me – inspiration and hope that good stuff is still out there.

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  4. Thanks for tha guardian compain link

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  6. Автору нужно памятник постаить за такое!:)

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