Mute Math “Typical” music video: anything but typical

A while back, I was watching a bunch of the DJ Format music videos on YouTube, and wrote about the power of the one-take. I still can’t agree more… and as far as music videos are concerned, nearly every video shot in one full take have become incredibly popular (OK Go, for example). Last week, I saw this new Mute Math video for their song “Typical” shot in one take and then reversed in post production.

the fact that they learned the lyrics in reverse and planned everything to coordinate when flipped around is just genius, and I’ve been in awe of this video for the last week, watching it almost every day.

Then I found the following video on YouTube, where the entire music video has been reversed again, showing the video that was initially recorded. All I can say is that this stuff is incredible and beautifully executed. If only every music video could have this much excellence in it.

2 responses to “Mute Math “Typical” music video: anything but typical

  1. Hey man actually there is a cut right at 1:23 but they do a very good job of disguising it

  2. Didn’t Spike Lee direct a music video like that? I love the band, the song and the video, but I don’t think they did a very good job at lip syncing in reverse. I mean it’s not that hard…

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