Funkmaster Flex edition Ford Expedition. The Funkmaster is the messenger?


The Funkmaster has proclaimed himself as the messenger, although of what I’m not entirely certain. Ford is officially rolling out the Funkmaster Flex edition of the Expedition, followed shortly by the FMF edition of the Mustang, and they’ve also announced the re-naming of the Fairlane concept to The Flex. Placing himself at the same level as Chip Foose & Carroll Shelby, Funkmaster Flex discusses his upcoming line in a Funkalicious interview at the NY Auto Show here.

Is this Ford trying to capitalize on a trend and serve the public? or is it merely an effort to stay afloat?  I’m curious how many people will buy the Funkmaster Flex edition of anything – let alone an Expedition of Mustang. It’s always interesting to see existing product branded with “stars,” and the results have historically been either greatly successful or horribly unsuccesful.

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