Wines that pair themselves. making life easier?


An interesting concept always pulls me in – and about half of the time, the end result turns out to be as good as I imagined. These wines from Wine That Loves are tailored toward specific meals or types of food. Simple, right? Yeah, but so many people have trouble with the concept that it makes sense. And they have some cool packaging as well.

Their “philosophy” page states, among other things, that:

To make sure you enjoy the pleasure of wine and food paired right each night, we had to design wines using the right pairing rules, the right varietals from the right regions of the world, made in the right styles and at the right level of quality, all for a price that allows for everyday drinking.

It all makes sense. But at the same time, I have to ask whether it’s not something you could just ask the local wine steward or sommelier? I applaud the idea, and capitalizing on the majority of consumers knowledge/perception of wine. If the wines end up being half as good as the idea, they’ve got something going for them.

[via Didn’t You Hear]

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