Ray-Ban + Never Hide + Cutwater + Viral = 1.6 million views in a week.

So the YouTube clip posted by Never Hide films, below, went up just a week ago. In that time, it’s had over 1.6 million views. Impressive, to say the least.

What’s more impressive is the branding. or lack there of. All it is is a split second shot of a car window, with “Never Hide” scrawled in the dirt a la “wash me.”

Never Hide is the new tag line for Ray-Ban, apparently authored by Chuck McBride at the new Cutwater in San Fran. 360° has a good quote from McBride on the tag and the idea.  Also interesting is the way in which it differs from the commercial (non-viral) Ray-Ban stuff:

McBride said that one of the important things is that a lot of “cool executions can live under it.” One of the big questions, I suppose, is: Do both of these ideas live under the Never Hide idea? Does the YouTube viral coincide? Does it need to? Is a viral with something scrawled on the window enough to direct to the brand? Incidentally, the top Google result for Never Hide is the french Ray-Ban site. Regardless, this is pulling in massive attention on YouTube, which still seems to be a viable enough source for publicity and channel for viral advertising. I’m interested to see where the view count is at next week.

4 responses to “Ray-Ban + Never Hide + Cutwater + Viral = 1.6 million views in a week.

  1. It’s a cool video, but where Ray-Ban gets all of their brand recognition is the people that write about the video on blogs etc…

    They don’t need to brand it per say because everyone is writing about it. Don’t pay attention to the number of views exclusively, but take a closer look at the number of times it’s been written about… that’s clever..

    Let the internet community brand your videos for you…

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  3. I like.

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