Photography, communication, and Nikon print ads

So it’s been a few days since my last post. I’ve been insanely busy (and insane is barely an exaggeration). This past week, I had my terminal BFA show in photography… Once I get everything back together, I’ll throw up a few gallery shots. Regardless, I’ve been exhausted, but spending a great deal of time thinking about images, photos, and art – wondering how to communicate ideas clearly. Many of the photo pieces in the gallery were steeped in meaning, but much of it was lost on some viewers. The true challenge is in figuring out how to communicate clearly – whether in photographs, art, or advertisements. I certainly don’t know the answers.

On that note, I really like these ads for the Nikon Coolpix s500. Simple but communicate bounds about the brand.

 [via Coolz0r; images hosted by Coolz0r]

One response to “Photography, communication, and Nikon print ads

  1. I guess this is a new thing for the Nikon Coolpix. My four-year-old model seems to specialize in telling me that my picture is blurry and asking if I want to keep it anyway. . . .

    If you are interested, I have tagged you, am tagging you, with the dreaded Meme of Eight. You can see my response and the rules at

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