Busy working. and a bit on Creative Spaces.

creative spaces

So I keep posting saying I’m busy and hoping I’ll post more soon. It hasn’t happened yet. I apologize to those few of you who read regularly. I promise in the next few weeks, posting will get somewhat back to normal (whatever that really is). Anyway, as I’ve spent hours and hours in a variety of work spaces working on an equally varied number of different projects and tasks, I’ve been thinking a great deal about space.

When Russel Davies came out to Oregon and spoke, he spurred a great deal of discussion over “creative spaces.”

Last week, I came across Ilya Vedrashko’s post about This Ain’t No Disco { It’s Where We Work}, a new blog about agency interiors, complete with in-depth galleries of many spaces. Pretty cool stuff… I’ve been sucked in with more power than a Dyson.

Wish the spaces I’ve been working in lately could be even half that cool. I can dream. And get work done. Maybe someday…

(photo up top via gemma_lds via creative commons)

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