Penguin Love, Gert Boyle & YouTube: Together at Last.

So I first saw this YouTube spot in a post on How Advertising Spoiled Me. Apparently e-mailed to Arvind by BPN, Inc in Portland, it’s spreading by interesting means (I’m writing about it, and you’re reading about it… which in and of itself is interesting). Take a look at the comment banter at the YouTube page for some more interesting thoughts on the matter.

Personally, I find it kind of amusing. While admittedly a bit South Park-ish in animation style, there’s something kind of funny about Gert Boyle as an animated character. and about penguin’s humping. Do penguins even do that? I’m not sure, and I’m not sure I really want to know. Also interesting is that the video is posted under the profile of “ChairmanGert” adding another interesting PR level into the video.  Regardless, it’s some interesting stuff, especially for Columbia Sportswear. I’m curious to see how it ultimately pans out for everyone.

The ultimate question remains: Where does one purchase a spray bottle of penguin pheromone?

One response to “Penguin Love, Gert Boyle & YouTube: Together at Last.

  1. Nooooo! I can’t believe you posted this. I’m disappointed daveypants. Disappointed.
    I think this vid is just a bunch of recycled, overdone, nonsense.
    Penguins are old news. March of the Penguins. Happy Feet. Farce of the Penguins. And the ever-anticipated Surf’s Up.
    Not to mention all the new pheromone-drenched advertising for Axe and Tag.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love pheromones. But I wouldn’t buy a pair of Columbia boots drenched in Penguin ejaculate.

    Phew. I had no idea I felt so strongly about this.

    The end.

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