Pink: a (love) courier service on tour & in Portland, OR

I’ve meant to write about this for a while now, and I’m finally getting around to it. It’s just finishing up in Portland as part of Pedalpalooza.

The Project Pink Blog and MySpace page explains the entire concept better than I could:

pink: a (love) courier service is both a real life courier service & a site specific art installation. originally commissioned by first night austin and underwritten by the still water foundation, pink began in austin, texas, when a team of volunteer artists and cyclists, under the creative vision of conceptual artist jaclyn pryor, converted an empty downtown storefront into a small & temporary (love) factory. in the course of two short weeks, 2007 people visited pink, wrote love notes, & watched as pink-clad love couriers delivered them, by bicycle, throughout the city. pink is now on tour! first stop: portland, oregon, june 9th-june 23rd, as part of portland’s pedalpalooza festival. the portland love factory is located downtown, @ 318 sw taylor. hours of operation: tuesday-sunday, 11-7. come visit us & find out what it means to “put your love on the line” . . . !

Pretty cool concept; an interesting mix of public interaction, performance art, and a bunch of other cool stuff. It’s interesting to see how a wide variety of people and skills can come together for one project that falls into the realm of conceptual art. Cool stuff.

[via ORbike]

[image via PinkOnTour’s Picasa]

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