Photographic art from the trash?



Deleted Images is a website dedicated to just that – images which have been rejected, deleted, or otherwise tossed aside by the photographer. The site refers to itself as “the junkyard of art.” I’m in the process of preparing to move, and have been sorting through boxes and boxes of photographic work this past week, and I find photo after photo that’s poorly exposed, shot into the sun, or just flat out bad – but there’s something there that always prevents me from tossing them in the trash (and it’s not just my inclination to save everything). Deleted Images beautifully illustrates why I can care about bad photos.

[via 30gms]

2 responses to “Photographic art from the trash?

  1. Beautiful!!! Love the fire sparks!!!

  2. no time for sleep

    because they are more than just receipts of self expression…because they are more than forgotten souvenirs of memory…because they are just that, *more*…that is why throwing away old photographs (even the bad ones) somewhere inside us feels immoral. We should listen more closely to that which prevents us from acting immorally.

    Thank you for reminding me of that.

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