Light Grafitti in the media

That was quick. Just last week, I wrote about the rapidly rising popularity of Light Graffiti and how its quickly becoming a “trend” of sorts. Last night, I was at the movies and sat in the dark theater watching the usual commercials when up came the above commerical for the Sprint Ahead campaign, entitled “Dreams,” done by Goodby Silverstein in San Francisco.

Interesting ideas… not sure how well it really caters to the message that Sprint is trying to get across. In fact, I’m not entirely sure I’m clear on what that message is. But it’s still cool – and an exceptional stop-motion execution. Check out the behind the scenes “making of” video after the jump.

cool stuff.  If you want more details, credits, etc., check out Duncan Macleod’s mini review of the campaign.

One response to “Light Grafitti in the media

  1. I really like the way this commercial looks, when it came on the screen before harry potter it totally got my attention

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