In the process of moving, and the Human Brain Cloud.

human-brain-cloud.jpgSo this week, I’m in the process of moving, hence the lack of posting over the past few days. I’m busy and driving several hours in a giant truck gives you lots of time to think about things – or think about absolutely nothing (which is the path my brain took this week).

One of the cooler things I’ve stumbled upon this past week that still gives me hope that there’s some brain activity out there is The Human Brain Cloud. Basically a simple word association game that compiles results and aggregates them into a visual cloud. Very cool – and a surprising time waster (unless my brain is just that fried). some of the associations are great, like “amino” to “amigo.” I could never think that creatively.

I’ll post other cool stuff I find intermittently until my brain (and muscles) recover fully.

[Human Brain Cloud via Elektro^plankton]

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