Picked up my long-awaited copy of Antenna Magazine…

So I’m taking some time off from everything down in San Jose, and was looking for some good reading material. I happened to find myself in the magazine section at Barnes & Nobles, which isn’t bad, but isn’t necessarily my first choice for brain food.

After looking past expensive design/photo magazines, and searching unsuccessfully for some european auto magazines, I decided to take my chances and venture into the “men’s interest” section – which I only seldom browse. I looked down and saw Antenna Magazine, and my heart practically skipped a beat. I remember reading several blurbs and blog posts awaiting Antenna, but had more or less forgotten it in all my hustle and bustle of late. To cut to the chase… According to the blurb on their website, Antenna is:

“the first mainstream magazine to target individuals who are on a constant quest for the newest and coolest products on the horizon. And it does so without using celebrities, models, concept shoots, service stories and whatever else we deem superfluous to our mission: to become a guidebook, allowing readers to navigate the most extensive collection of products ever compiled in a single publication, while championing the people who create, sell and collect them—all in one comprehensive, artful, elegant and innovative format. Featuring everything from dress shirts and cellphones to jeans and graphic T’s, Antenna is considered to be a non-disposable magazine in a disposable world. And you cannot ask for more than that. “

And after i flipped through it all? I’m pretty impressed.

At first, I was thinking that i just pretty much flipped through a big catalog. But the more I thought about it, I was pretty okay with that. It was well designed, the sparse writing was stellar, and the layout was top-notch – something very few magazines these days can do. Photography was stunning, and as cheesy-desiner-art-school-grad as it sounds, the paper felt amazing. I was thoroughly impressed. Leaps and bounds beyond most other magazines out there. I might actually have to subscribe. Check it out for an interesting and beautiful blend of products.

One response to “Picked up my long-awaited copy of Antenna Magazine…

  1. yeah, well their website is about as asthetically pleasing as a roll of prison toilet paper

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