Still on Vacay, New Tea Partay, and Monterey Bay with Pepper Spray

So as the title implies, I’m still kickin’ it in California, enjoying some unseasonably moderate and beautiful weather. Not a whole lot of exciting news, except for Barry Bonds (which frankly, I’m not all that enthralled with anyway), and my trip to Monterey. While peacefully enjoying the Aquarium (which is frankly incredible), our trip was abruptly cut short when the aquarium was evacuated because of a pepper spray incident. Fun times. I’ll post pics to my flickr as soon as I figure out how to get pics off of the camera I was borrowing.

And in advertising related news, I’ve come across the second iteration of the music videos promoting Smirnoff Teas. In case you never saw the original Tea Partay, check it out here. This new version is the Boyz in the Hillz west coast answer to the East Coast P(rep)-Unit’s Tea Partay: The Green Tea Partay.

When I was in New York last time, I got a chance to listen to BBH‘s Kevin Roddy discuss the ideas and the success surrounding the Tea Party campaign. I’m glad to see it continue – and I’m glad to see the West Coast puttin’ up a fight.

2 responses to “Still on Vacay, New Tea Partay, and Monterey Bay with Pepper Spray

  1. I am really new to term Tea Party.What is that ?!!!!
    You disturb my ear with your borrowable camera.What a pity you can’t buy a camera like me.
    But you are a winner in New York than my failing.

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