Cadbury Gorilla: the important questions in life.

I was chatting with a friend of mine, when he asked if I’d seen the Cadbury Gorilla spot. He then asked if I thought the gorilla was real, or just an awesome suit. Now it took me a bit by surprise. I love the spot, as I am a die-hard Phil Collins fan, and my girlfriend (who lived in Australia for a time) is a die-hard Cadbury fan (if there ever was one). On top of it, I used to be a professional gorilla mascot, so I have a deep-seeded emotional tie to gorillas in general, and specifically to those who play the drums. So the thought of how the gorilla was created had never really crossed my mind. But then I had to find out.

Easy enough. A bit of research on the tubes of the internet gave me the answer. A suit with some amazing animatronics. And who’s in the suit? None other than one of my idols, the dreamy hunky actor who somehow ended up typecast as a gorilla: Garon Michael. You might remember him from The Congo, where he played the gorilla. Or maybe from Instinct, where he played… yup… a gorilla. Incredible. If you want a bit more information, check out the post on Creative Review. I’m going to go back and watch that commercial over and over until I can’t control the urge to go don my gorilla suit, sit at the drumset, and eat some Cadbury.

3 responses to “Cadbury Gorilla: the important questions in life.

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