5 responses to “I wish cool barcodes were on everything… I’m demanding a UPCRevolution!

  1. I so love that. What a refreshing rendition of a somewhat sterile and Gatica-like symbol of tracking. I’m becoming more open minded about barcodes though, thanks to your enthusiasm and I too regularly question reality. I have been stewing in reality inquiries for years and the rabbit hole draws me down deeper and deeper. Ever read Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino or Flatland by E.A. Abbot? Ever taken the Landmark Forum? It’s the ‘Matrix’ on a personal level. šŸ™‚

  2. I too like the new “branded” UPC barcodes they are that little something extra that a brand can offer to the consumer to make them smile and influence a good brand experience.

    I also like clothing labels that hide little messages or designs that only the owner will know about, one of my favorite jumpers has a very elaborate print on the inside that only I know about, it sorta makes me feel elite while I’m wearing it.

    One more comment on the UPC code, what are your thoughts on using QR codes as a point of difference? We are working to launch scanning of QR Codes with a mobile to allow the consumer to find out more information about the product or advertisement on the spot.

    In Japan QR codes are used in supermarkets to allow consumers to find out more about the production process of fresh meat and veggies (as an example) right down to the name of the farm and soil composition in which it was grown. this is very cool stuff and has the potential to change the way in which we shop.

  3. jaimebektel: Calvino is one of my favorites, and I have yet to read Flatland, yet this is probably the fourth or fifth time it’s been recommended to me… so I think I’m going to have to soon.

    Antony: You phrased it well… It’s a little something extra that the company can offer the consumer… I think that captures what I love about it. As far as QR codes, I’m greatly intrigued by the possibilities they hold, yet am somewhat skeptical to see their execution. The utility of codes in the market is fascinating (and I hadn’t heard of that) but for a QR code to be dynamic, I wonder if merely placing it in a print or outdoor advert would be enough? I want there to be more incentives and surprise bonuses – kind of like the little bit of “bonus” feeling you get from customized UPCs. I’m not sure if many shotcodes are to that point yet. I’ll be curious to see how they become fully implemented in the future.

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