Chorange and Raspilime… new candy worries me


So I was at the store and picked up a pack of NEW! Jolly Rancher Double Blasts (pictured above). And incase you can’t quite read the two flavors at the top, they’re “Chorange” an”Raspilime”. Despite names vaguely reminiscent of cleaning products, the colors, blasts, bizarre starbursts of light, and general blast-in-the-face look of the packaging really drew me in. And then I tried one of the “flavor-infused, poweder filled candies” and was somewhat confused. maybe i’m just old fashioned, but I was happy when my candy was solid and not filled with powder. I was happy when I had one flavor at a time, but apparently the more the better. And “Chorange”? what kind of flavor is that? Cherry-orange seems okay in mind. that makese sense. but Chorange? maybe times are changing and for once, I’m not ready for it. And that’s not even taking the whole blue raspberry thing into account.

4 responses to “Chorange and Raspilime… new candy worries me

  1. i’m fairly certain my favorite flavors, if combined into one would be:

  2. these types makes the children crazy . the attractive colors and discounts are the good ways

  3. I just had one of the Chorange ones, and it was pretty cool. I didn’t quite realize it was powder filled, and after one of the seams broke, it just starts fizzing a little. Its fun, its kind of the same concept as poprocks I guess. Then again, I’m only 20. 🙂

  4. I’m am truly a fan in search of more of these sweet delights! I love the originals, but i think I may love these even more. I’m a fan of the fizz candies and pixie sticks so this combines a little bit of all my favorites!!!!

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