Local TV commercials have a special place in my heart

I was watching a bit of TV this morning and saw a particularly memorable car commercial, complete with a heavily shadowed-green screened-costumed host. It made me somewhat sad, however, to think back to the wonderful and surprisingly bizarre local TV spots that Eugene, OR had to offer. To my delight, several of my favorites are available on youtube (above and below) so I can still get my Eugene local TV commercial fix.

If you have a similar fascination with local TV, I highly suggest you take a look at the 50 Greatest Local TV Commercials. I’ve watched every one… there’s just something special about local TV. And remembe: There’s no appliance like Mr. Appliance, and if you don’t go see Robert Saks, his hair can’t save you any money.

2 responses to “Local TV commercials have a special place in my heart

  1. I used to wait on Robert Saks at Zenon all the time. Nice enough guy, but what an oddball. He had ever-evolving dietary theories involving lots of carbs and/or hummus. It was hard to keep up. And Zenon seemed an odd choice for someone who didn’t seem to like any kind of seasonings on anything. And, yes, I’m still keeping tabs on you.

  2. Whoa and wow! I will always remember those.

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