War stuff doesn’t usually grab me…

This spot is different. Don’t need to say any more – other than I’ve watched it several times, and I’m impressed. Can’t remember the last war/politics spot that successfully did that. Done by AMEN Creation in Montreal, for Trois-Rivieres Solidarity Committee of Canada.


I ran across this on 30gms, a great design etc. blog… definitely worth regularly reading, and one of the few that consistently keeps me captivated. Just wanted to pass that along.

2 responses to “War stuff doesn’t usually grab me…

  1. Wow…nice ad. I’m always a fan of well done advertising, whether or not I always agree with it.

  2. clever ad. i try an keep an occasional eye on the good, bad and plain ugly ads in the uk. check out the blog sometime. we rarely get anti -war or pointedly poilitical advertising like this, which makes it really interesting.

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