More incredible musicians breaking traditional boundaries

For those who have been reading my blog for a while, you’re well aware of my fascination and awe for the musically talented who break the normal boundaries of their specific fields, like the beatboxing tubist I recently mentioned (here). Well my good friend Mike stumbled across another slice of fried gold. I’m with him that the clip of the violinist and the dj must just be watched and enjoyed. Equally enjoyable, for me at least, is the unbelievable mixing of the J-5 mastery of Canto De Ossanha (one of my favorite tracks from the past year or two). I’m in musical heaven and my brain’s attempting to process it all.

(and if you haven’t checked out Mike’s blog, do it. inspiration, entertainment, and humor that’s uniquely Mike).

One response to “More incredible musicians breaking traditional boundaries

  1. Thanks for the blog-out. Real term? Sure.

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