Macy’s, Tyler Florence, Extravaganza Bonanza, and Followthrough

So I’ve been watching the series of Macy’s commercials on TV for a while now, showcasing the goods and the stars, including Trump, Martha Stewart, Usher, and Tim Gunn. Interesting commericals, and I definitely appreciate the message that they’re trying to communicate… and it seems smart for the company as well – at a time when they’re buying out other department stores, Macy’s could use something to differentiate it from everything else. And in today’s competitive market, there’s minimal differences in quality and product – it comes down to image, persona, and spokespeople. Which Macy’s doesn’t seem to be short on.

This week, the Downtown Portland Macy’s is holding a big grand re-opening extravaganza, kicked off by a gala of sorts that took place last night, with the main re-opening happening tomorrow (friday). I’ve been hearing the spots on the radio for the past few days, and I’m happy to hear that they’re somewhat keeping in line with their “Only one star can bring all these stars together” promise.


Over the course of the weekend, the Portland Macy’s will bring in celebrity chefs Tyler Florence (you can read his blog about it here) and Govind Armstrong (Table 8, as seen on Top Chef), among other stars I can’t quite recall.

I have to say that, although it is a “grand” re-opening, it’s still nice to see Macy’s attempt to carry the same persona they’re portraying in their TV spots all the way to local stores.

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