The Art of the Search: & Uclue

I’ve been intrigued lately by the idea of “searching.” Probably spurred on, in part, by the plethora of commercials (like above) on the television lately, promoting a change in the way we search. While new and dynamic services like are indeed changing how searching can be accomplished, I have to wonder how different it is than a specific and detailed Google search. Although I suppose the interface and the ease of use are definite selling points.

Anyway, at a time when searching is becoming a more refined skill, it’s interesting to see “professional searchers” or “researchers” still around. The newest iteration, after the fall of Google Answers, is Uclue. According to the blurb at Cool Tools, many of the Google Answers researchers are now at Uclue, a site where one can ask a question, assign a monetary value for an answer, and then open their question to the Uclue researchers. Without question, an interesting way to look at research, and the internet. While Google feels Answers isn’t sustainable, it’s interesting to see Uclue pulling in so much interest. It will be fascinating to watch the next revolution of the internet search. The next “google” to become a verb, if you will.

3 responses to “The Art of the Search: & Uclue

  1. Hi, I’m one of the Researchers at Uclue.

    Thanks for mentioning us! But the link to Uclue in your blog post is broken…

    Hmmm … “the next ‘google’ to become a verb”? What a pity that “to Uclue something” doesn’t roll of the tongue quite as easily as “to Google something” or “to Ask something”.

  2. thanks for the heads up on the broken link.
    And honestly, I was surprised and somewhat disturbed, when “google” started being used as a verb. Six years ago, it seemed a bit odd. Today, I hear it more often that I’d like. I don’t know that “Uclue” is that different.

  3. I have a blog, which reviews interesting questions from UClue. It is a cool site, if I may say so myself as a (biased) registered user and friend of the staff.

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