More Transforming, the Hyundai Sonata, and Cool?

Transformer. Hyundai. Cool. Three words I hadn’t expected to be in the same post. Not to bash too much on Hyundai… they’re making progress in the right direction, but still: cool? This new spot transforms things a bit (sorry… bad pun, I know).

I’ve had a good deal of interest in transformers and transforming lately, like the Citroën transformer and the Rubik’s Cube ad. This Hyundai ad is different. It blatantly admits that the old Sonata is weak, and the new is significantly better (apparently your watch & wardrobe transform when you drive a new Sonata as well).

I like the facelift idea. I like that it’s jumping on the Transformers bandwagon (even if it is a bandwagon). I think as a strategy, it’s not a bad idea for Hyundai. And on the whole, I think it just might make me like Hyundai a bit more.

One response to “More Transforming, the Hyundai Sonata, and Cool?

  1. Maybe it’s a great idea. I think the spot is great, and loved the new Sonata. Maybe Hyundai is getting better ideas for publicity, or maybe their aiming for another markets, another customers… Like us, who will think a Sonata transforming is great. Whatever the idea is, it is a good one.

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