Free Rice: web vocab game + advertising = U.N. World Food Program Support

234_60_banner2.jpgIf you haven’t been to FreeRice yet, click the image above and check it out. The FAQ on their site can explain more in-depth than I, but basically, you play a simple vocab game that sharpens and improves your vocab prowess, while simultaneously donating “free rice” to those in need via the United Nations World Food Program.

How does it work? Advertising. Advertisers of the likes of  Macy’s, Apple, American Express, Fujitsu and many more have their icons appear at the bottom of the vocab “game.” That’s it. No pop-ups. No gimmicks. Simple advertising dollars being spent for a bit of good. A novel idea.


2 responses to “Free Rice: web vocab game + advertising = U.N. World Food Program Support

  1. i’m so tickled you blogged about this! i was just directed to freerice about 3 weeks ago.. and i heart it. and i’m pretty damn good at it.. but i’m a writer, so like… totally OMG DUH silly! of course i’m good at it.

  2. i’ve just started playing it, i have about 1,380 grains of rice, i know its not a lot but i believe that it will make a difference. but the thing that im concerned about is that how can we be sure that this actually works? i mean sure, my vocabulary is getting stronger, but are the rice actually going out to those children? im sorry to be doubting it; i find it amazing, but i was just wondering…thanks

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