Mr. T wins. Shatner wins. Therefore, WoW wins by default.

I’ve never been a die-hard World of Warcraft fan, but many of my good friends somehow ended up sucked into it, so I’m vicariously involved… at least through having to hear about it daily. But today, I have become a fan. Not because of the game itself, not because of a friend, but because of Mr. T and a Shatner. As you may know, I’m a big Mr. T fan, and he’s the sole reason I eat snickers again (hell, he’s even on one of my ringtones). And Shatner is, well, just plain Shatnerific. So therefore, I have to become a diehard WoW fan, just by default.

So the big question: Does WoW really need to advertise? And what do Mr. T and Shatner have to do with WoW? Is that really the target demographic? Does it make a difference? After watching T and the Shat, I don’t know that I really feel the need to answer all those questions. I’m under the spell of Shatner.

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