paintball + suits + awesome photography = intense

Once again, one of my favorite blogs, Didn’t You Hear, comes through with something that completely blows my mind via Bruton Stroube Studios.


Admittedly an incredible photo, but I think I enjoyed watching the process even more than the final result:

[via Didn’t You Hear] (<—– and if I could only read one blog a day, that would be it)

4 responses to “paintball + suits + awesome photography = intense

  1. Hey David,

    Thanks for the compliment!

    The part of this photo that surprised me the most were the shots on the wall behind him. I would have never thought that instead of actually shooting the wall, they would just shoot up a piece of cardboard and then pick the ones they liked and then edit them in. Crazy!

    Anyways, thanks for being a fan of DYH!

    ~ Cory

  2. Very interesting. I may post this one on our site. I had no idea that so much work would be put in to this one shot. Well done. I hope to see more of these soon!

  3. Cool video I ahd never seen that one before

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