Because nothing goes with Spam like Hand Warmers…

spam with free handwarmers

(just incase you can’t read that big orange sticker, it reads: “FREE* *Buy This SPAM Twin Pack & Get Two FREE Hand Warmers)

Seriously. There’s nothing I like more than opening a pre-sliced slab of Spam “classic,” except for opening one after using Hand Warmers. I really don’t get it. Not that I’m all that up on my market research regarding Spam’s target consumer (or hand warmers, for that matter) but I’m having trouble making the connection. I know it’s sealed and all, but it doesn’t seem all that healthy/safe either. Oh wait… It’s Spam… nevermind.

It’s days like this when I wonder how some people make it as far as they do in marketing

(and in case you have issues, you can click on the photo above or click here to view the photo in all it’s high-res-spamirific glory.)

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