(Buick Regal – engine + bicycle x (4) ) + Canadian police = YouTube Hit

I’m consistently perplexed by the way things go down in the internet popularity world. One minute, it’s Miss Teen South Carolina (which is incidentally just shy of 19 million views… yes, 19 million), the next, it’s something completely and utterly different, although there’s a 50/50 chance that law enforcement is involved.

As an artist, a former bike mechanic, and a little kid who used to want to be a cop (mostly so I could play with the sirens and run over people without getting in trouble), this clip really catches my interest. But apparently I’m not the only one… On top of the several people have e-mailed the link to me, and I’ve seen it posted & discussed on several cycling forums, on blogto, and now it’s on boing-boing.


The work of art by Michel de Broin actually looks quite fun, and in the video, the “participants” certainly seem to be enjoying themselves, even whilst being pulled over and questioned by the police who call into question both their safety (?) and their sanity. I find it interesting the number and variety of people who have taken interest in the clip, based on it’s automotive nature, the bicycle/public transportation aspect, the art piece itself, and of course, the harassing police. What’s not to love?!?  A sign of our shorter attention spans and burning desire for more content? probably.

[photo via micheldebroin.org]

4 responses to “(Buick Regal – engine + bicycle x (4) ) + Canadian police = YouTube Hit

  1. Hey Guys,

    This thing is great! Where did you film this? All I gotta say is classic cop reaction…F! Anyways….this is a great idea….if you could do it light weight, covered….would be a great car alternative…

  2. Fantastic…it takes a bit of theater to infect people with images in their head of what’s possible!

  3. Miss Teen South Carolina answered that question badly, but she’s still got her looks to fall back on…

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