Popularity of the domino effect & Rube Goldberg in commercials these days?

I feel like every time I turn the television on, I see some random commercial with some random object inexplicably hitting another object, spurring a chain reaction leading to some anti-climactic ending. which makes little sense to me. Especially when they’re relatively nice/expensive/easily scratched objects like mp3 players and phones.

So my question: when did people become so fascinated with dominoes and Rube Goldberg? I thought that past time was long since put away in a cardboard box in the coat closet. Was it Honda’s Cog spot? Or something else that happened that I missed? I’m just not really clear how objects falling into other objects really communicates much of a message… in fact, I’m not really sure what the message is at all. or how it sells cell phones.

It’s not to say spots like Cog and the new Guinness spot (after the jump) aren’t amazing, or even epic… but I’m not sure I get the whole proliferation and application toward every good being hocked. It can work in some cases (i.e. the Accord). that doesn’t mean it will.

More domino/Rube Goldberg/chain reaction spots for your viewing pleasure after the jump

Verizon Voyager ad




Dawn Soap, which seems to air whenever I want to watch TV.

One response to “Popularity of the domino effect & Rube Goldberg in commercials these days?

  1. I noticed this trend too, seems like the advertisers are getting a little more lazy with ideas lately. Do you think this reinforces the other products ads when you see each one? The Voyager and Sirius ones are so similar I always think of the other when I see one.

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