‘Tis the season to truffle yourself

Those who know me and whom I’ve worked with in the past may be familiar with my fondness for turning the product name into an active verb. Grolsching, Duracelling, etc. (yeah, I know it doesn’t make much sense… but it always did in my mind).

Well, it looks like someone stole my idea. In looking through all the holiday issues of food, wine, & cooking magazines, I’ve discovered a frequently re-occurring advertisement for Hershey’s Cocoa Reserve, inviting me to Truffle Myself.

Maybe it’s just me, but truffling myself (or truffling yourself) just seems a bit odd to me. maybe it’s the grammatical structure of “go truffle yourself” maybe it’s the juxtaposition of the photography with the overbearing instructive tag. or maybe it’s that “Go ahead, Truffle yourself” just doesn’t sound right. I’m not entirely sure I want to Truffle Myself…  I’ll give you some time to contemplate that. I’m going to go do some holiday shopping – but I probably won’t be buying any truffles.

One response to “‘Tis the season to truffle yourself

  1. Blog interesting, congratulations, greetings from Italy

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